[Bf-animsys] Collada Importer still broken for Characters with multiple meshes/bind poses.

Stefano Corazza stefano at mixamo.com
Tue Apr 22 07:23:04 CEST 2014

Thank you Gaia.

Let's add some facts:

1 - The Collada importer/exporter already support animations.
2 - The problem is just for characters with multiple meshes/bind poses.

What do you mean by "we are about to get full FBX support" ?

The FBX support right now is much more incomplete than Collada.
Are you guys planning to integrate FBX SDK or to reverse engineer it?




As far as i can tell the Collada Importer was originally created for
import of
single animated mesh objects. This is doubtless a limitation. I have
looked into
this a while back and i got the impression that adding this feature would
result in a major rewrite of the Collada Importer. And since we always
to "keep symmetry" (also be able to export multiple animated objects)
the exporter would need to be rewritten in some major parts as well.

I did not dare to start such a large change all on my own when i first
at it. And now since we are about to get full FBX support i have the
impression that working on the Collada module has become more or less
obsolete and a waste of time.

Please correct me if i am wrong with any point. If anybody thinks this
can be
done with reasonable effort, then please provide a patch for it. And keep
available for a while while i take care to add that patch to the source.

Sorry if that is not a convenient answer, but that is all that i personally
can offer for now.


p.s.: My personal opinion is that i think Collada is a good thing,
because it
is an open format. But it also has proven to be a complex beast and getting
it to work in a convenient way for everybody needs quiet some extra power
on the developer side which never existed since i stepped in. So i could get
it to work for the Second Life people, no more no less.

On 18.04.2014 18:54, Stefano Corazza wrote:
/>/  Dear Blender Animation List,
/>/  Here is long term Blender partner Mixamo speaking, with over 200,000
/>/  users among which Blender users is one of the largest groups.
/>/  At the moment he #1 issue with Blender for game development and
/>/  animation is non-native importing of assets. We get a lot of complaints.
/>/  In fact Collada 1.4.1 importer still has a major limitation: it does not
/>/  support multiple meshes/bind poses, which affects a large portion of
/>/  characters.
/>/  Here a test case where Blender simply crashes:
/>/  https://developer.blender.org/file/info/PHID-FILE-2kleiwpxahd6to6lac5y/#
/>/  As FBX import is not an option at the moment (no support for animation)
/>/  we would bring this up to your attention and hopefully escalate as it
/>/  has been broken for a long time and many many people are complaining
/>/  about it. Happy to provide more test cases and to test the fixes.
/>/  Thanks!!!
/>/  Stefano
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