[Bf-animsys] Depsgraph Refactor - GSoC2013 System Design Proposal

Nathan Vegdahl nathanvegdahl at gmail.com
Thu Jul 4 20:31:02 CEST 2013

Hi Joshua,
I've only had a chance to skim over the document (I'm currently at a
conference), but so far it looks like an excellent plan!

I'll likely have more say in a day or two when I have the chance to
read the paper in more detail.

Thanks for your efforts!  Of all the GSOC projects, this is easily the
one I am most excited about. :-)


On Thu, Jul 4, 2013 at 8:28 AM, Joshua Leung <aligorith at gmail.com> wrote:
> Hi All,
> As many will know, I've been working on figuring out what our new
> dependency graph and evaluation engine needs to look like. Many of the
> people subscribed here probably know what this is (i.e. basically it's
> that annoying backend system that keeps complaining that you've
> created cyclic dependencies yet again ;).
> Anyways, I've attached a document outlining the proposed design/goals
> for this system. Please take a look and provide some feedback about
> whether there's really anything missing/overlooked or likely to cause
> us serious grief in future. Also, feel free to ask if any other
> questions/issues come to mind while having a look.
> Cheers,
> Joshua
> BTW: Try to keep this discussion here on the bf-animsys mailing list,
> to avoid clogging up the bf-committers list with discussion on this.
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