[Bf-animsys] bone shapes not scaling with bones option

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Sun Oct 4 17:15:30 CEST 2009

Yup, agree. This is something I wanted many many times

Besides this there is ANOTHER thing loosely related. It would be nice to
have an Octaedron bone, that keeps X and Z constant and gets only scaled
in Y when moving its root and tail in edit mode. This is how Maya draws
octaedron like bones, and it's very clean.

I think it's a nice combination of stick bones and octaedron (which of
course let you see the roll but when bones are too long, occludes too much
of the view).

Sorry to slightly go offtopic, but I thought it was related somehow :/

Regards and peace


> This is a really simple and lame rigging idea, but...
> The fact that bone shapes scale to the length of the bone is highly
> useful in many situations, but there are times when I create a generic
> shape - like say a circle, and I want a bunch of bones to look alike.
> How do you guys feel about:
> a-an option in the bone field next to the shape to not inherit scale
> from the bone
> and/or
> b-a 'transform' , similar to bbone scaling or envelope scaling that
> allows you to manually scale the appearance of the shape/bone. This
> would be useful for cases where you are 'fitting' the bones to the shape
> of the mesh.
> cheers
> Bassam
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