[Bf-animsys] Animation Proposal

Brecht Van Lommel brecht at blender.org
Thu Oct 1 16:35:34 CEST 2009

Hi Gianmichele,

Nice proposal, would like to make one point regarding the mesh drawing
though. I think you mix up two things. Pre-selection highlighting,
right mouse button over a bone sets a key, etc is independent of
drawing. That interaction could just as well work on regular bones,
but it's not how Blender is designed. That's still based on select >
action workflow, and in this case, clicking somewhere on the mesh
would show a part of the mesh highlighted rather than the bone, and
then all actions work on this selection, consistent with other tools.

Also, we discussed this bone/mesh drawing during Peach, and even had a
name for it: Facelift. But never got to implementing it.


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